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Aluminum ceiling sheet

Aluminum ceiling sheet is used in the modern large ceiling as its novel structure, unique pattern ,luxurious style.
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Aluminum ceiling sheet

Product introduction


Aluminum ceiling sheet is used in the modern large ceiling as its novel structure, unique pattern ,luxurious style.

Aluminum ceiling sheet makes building more modernity, more luxurious with visual enjoyment,makes the space more harmonious and elegant indoor includes color coated,wood grain series,brick grain series and Marble grain series.




1.Durable service:

High quality aluminum alloy base material,not easily deformed,oxidation resistance

2.Water and grease proofing: Nano anti - oil paint, easy to handle, green environmental protection

3.Modern stylish:varied styles,hundreds of types

4.International fireproofed standard:highlight of coated,ling-lived and environment protection.


Length:300*300mm-600*600mm  width:0.25-1.8mm



Aluminum ceiling is widely used in public places like airports,bus stations,banks,office buildings,shopping malls,exhibition halls,meeting rooms as its elegant appearance and elaborate structure;is widely used in private house-living room,video wall,kitchen,toilet,dining room,bedroom,balcony and aisle as its pretty and easy to clean.

Color coating and printing line


Color coated aluminum sheet in coils has the characteristics of long service life, light weight, excellent surface effect and high recycling value, and has good economic benefits to meet the urgent demand of the current social economy and environmental protection development. Our factory’s aluminum color coating production line uses Germany's Siemens complete line control system, and the core painting process uses the world's advanced German roll coating technology and twice-coated, twice-hot air-curing coating technology to accurately control coating thickness and curing quality. The color aluminum adopts neutral treatment agent, roller coating treatment and hot air rapid drying process in the chemical treatment process, which is different from the ordinary dip coating chemical treatment method, which effectively eliminates environmental damage.Moreover, the surface treatment is carried out with advanced chromium-free treatment liquid to meet strict environmental protection requirements at home and abroad.During the curing process of the color coated aluminum plate surface coating, the volatile components can be recycled and utilized for the second time, and equipped with an advanced VOC defluorination system to improve the utilization rate of heat energy while achieving zero emissions, and absolutely eliminate environmental pollution.


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