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Trademark “ZENWIN” obtained Madrid International Registration Certificate

2020-03-14 17:36

The company has successfully obtained the Madrid International Certificate

With the promotion of high-quality development of ZENWIN aluminum industry, the enterprise strives to develop its own brand and continuously expand its influence in the international market. Meanwhile, in order to protect and use its own trademark better, the company has carried out Madrid international trademark registration. Recently, "ZENWIN" trademark has been successfully registered in Madrid, which is a great leap for ZENWIN aluminum to create and innovate its own brand and expand its overseas market.

Madrid system is also a system of the WIPO, through this system the company can register trademarks of about 120 allies around the world. After the international trademark is registered, the registrant has the right to forbid any other person to use the same or similar trademark on the same or similar goods without his permission. The company's high-quality products are exported to many countries in the world. The successful adoption of Madrid international trademark registration on the one hand can realize the self-protection of ZENWIN aluminum brand, on the other hand it can also lay the foundation for the company to explore the international market and create famous brands, which is of great significance for the brand to continue to go abroad.

In the future, ZENWIN aluminum will continue to speed up the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, cultivate its own brand actively, and enhance its overseas competitiveness. We will continue to make good products as always, to provide better service and quality products for new and regular customers.

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