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Basic knowledge of aluminum magnesium manganese board

2017-09-26 15:33


Aluminum Foundation:

Aluminum metal by electrolysis from the natural extraction, and then by melting with quantitative copper, manganese, magnesium, silicon, zinc and other elements to form a variety of alloys, can be obtained to meet the different needs of the mechanical and physical properties The Currently set from 1000 to 9000 a total of nine series of deformation of aluminum alloy, respectively, used in consumer goods, aerospace, construction, packaging, transportation, electrical equipment and other aspects. It has the following characteristics:

◆ Light weight Aluminum density of 2.73g / cm3, only steel 1/3

◆ strong strength. Through the aluminum alloy configuration, processing and heat treatment methods can achieve high strength, and even can build large passenger aircraft structure.

◆ corrosion resistance. Aluminum metal is a reliable durable outdoor building materials, it has a self-rust resistance, in the natural environment, its surface can form a thin layer of dense oxide layer to prevent the metal continue to oxidize the rust in the air, but also has a variety of resistance to acid erosion Ability.

◆ surface treatment of diverse, beautiful. Can be anodized, electrophoresis, chemical treatment, polishing, painting treatment.

◆ easy production and processing molding. Extruded profiles, stretched, rolled, punched, spun, rolled, cast and forged. Aluminum can be rolled into a variety of thickness, even a very thin aluminum foil.

◆ good electrical conductivity. Non-magnetization and low spark sensitivity, can prevent electromagnetic interference and reduce the special environment of flammability.

◆ easy to connect. Aluminum metal can be riveting, welding, adhesive and other ways to connect.

◆ recyclable. Aluminum recycling value is very high, long-term use of more cost-effective, in the conservation of natural resources has played a positive role.

Aluminum-magnesium-manganese roofing system structure:

Standard Aluminum Magnesium Roofing System: Vertical Lock Seal Aluminum Magnesium Roof Panel Heat Insulation Cotton Aluminum Alloy Strain Moisture Membrane Purlins Structure Base Plate Multifunctional Aluminum Magnesium Roof Panel: Upright Lock Seal Aluminum Magnesium Roof Panel Insulation Cotton Moistureproof Membrane Structure Spinning punching sound-absorbing board Large-span aluminum-magnesium-manganese Roofing system: Vertical locking seam Aluminum-magnesium-manganese roofing board Insulation cotton Aluminum alloy Shelf moisture-proof membrane structure Floor simple type Aluminum-magnesium-manganese roofing system Simple aluminum-magnesium-manganese roofing system Intensive aluminum magnesium Roof System Aluminum Magnesium Roof System Advantages:

Safe and secure:

The system through the T-type fixed bearing sliding installation to effectively alleviate the cold season indoor and outdoor temperature difference generated by the stress phenomenon. Effectively avoid the uneven pressure caused by the plate extrusion, tensile deformation. To ensure that the overall system in the use of up to 50 years of safe work. The surface of the system is 360 ° wrapped with T-type bearing technology, while ensuring a stable slippage at the same time, the system without screw penetration. Both to ensure that the system of watertight and maintain the chemical composition of aluminum alloy is not destroyed, and better play a strong advantage of its corrosion resistance. Hidden roof system Lining purlin, solid support plate structure, no need to wear through the roof surface, wind, frost, rain, snow, negative wind pressure load is its safe absorption insulation, fire performance

By selecting the appropriate thickness of the insulation material, roof structure only a slight adjustment to meet the high standards of thermal insulation requirements. At the same time the roof system plate can resist the spark and flame, metal roof plate to A1 level fire safety standards. The ever-present application potential, blockboard, etc. can be installed on the roof of the roof system, without riveting, roof surface is not damaged to maintain integrity to ensure a permanent seal. Refurbishment is also trustworthy. The roof system has high stability and low weight characteristics, which makes it in the renovation project has a great advantage, the old building load will not increase too much, and can be free to design and use. Durable

The number of roof systems over the years a large number of engineering case shows that light and weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant aluminum-magnesium alloy material to give the building excellent stability and maintenance-free advantages. The difficult to count the roof system products continue to prove that the roof system is constantly increasing the value of the building. Perfect sound-absorbing noise reduction The roof system has been widely used in many buildings, in fact, even in the storm, it is difficult to hear the noise. Sound insulation cotton, perforated sound-absorbing board applications, making the roof system to attract noise performance almost perfect. Complete accessory system A good system for roofing and curtain walls should provide cost-effective design and application. The roof system provides a complete accessory support, eaves mouth outlet plate, U-slot, a variety of outlets, pipe fittings, etc., all kinds of accessories can be used with the plate the same material, color materials, and fully take into account the extended life, Easy to handle, install safe and recyclable. Excellent lightning protection characteristics of aluminum and magnesium alloy itself is a very good conductor, the buckle after the structure of the overall easy to form a conductor alloy surface, at any time to accept the lightning issued a strong current. And then through the roof, the ground drainage device will lead the lightning out of the roof, so as to ensure the safety of the roof. Effective protective measures

Through the high-strength aluminum alloy fixture in the typhoon-prone areas, to prevent the roof was thrown over the typhoon; in the snowy area, to prevent the overall snow fall. Through the automatic control of snow and snow system to promote the roof, gutters, falling water pipe snow melting.

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