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Design of vertical aluminum - manganese - manganese roof

2017-09-26 15:32


In the aluminum magnesium alloy roof is divided into vertical double-locking and vertical single-lock that is 25 wave height and 65 wave height two metal roof, 65 wave high aluminum magnesium alloy roof. Vertical single-lock side alloy roof is the use of foreign construction system simple and beautiful design concept two, compared to 25-wave high-aluminum magnesium alloy roof panel for 65-wave roof construction faster, more convenient, snow load And wind load capacity stronger.

65 Bo high aluminum magnesium alloy roof panel is characterized by light weight, good corrosion resistance, long life and so on. The product line is divided into yx65-300, yx65-400, yx65-430 and yx65-500., Where 300,400,430,500 refers to the effective width after molding, and their spread width is 475mm, 575mm, 600mm, 675mm. The most widely used on the market should be yx65-430 roof, not only because of its wide area of ​​use, the main reason for the price is 430-type roof panels to meet the construction side of the aluminum magnesium manganese metal roof panel performance requirements.

Upright lock side roofing accessories

T-type bearing is also called aluminum alloy bearing, is made of aluminum alloy, commonly used specifications are 75mm, 110mm, 165mm, etc. (bearing height is the height of the insulation cotton and aluminum magnesium alloy plate ribs high decision, that H = H1 + H2, H for the height of aluminum alloy bearings, H1 for the height of insulation cotton, H2 aluminum and magnesium manganese plate high). T-type bearing type is more, in addition to T-type, the common use of heterosexual bearings, solar bearings and so on. Aluminum alloy bearings in the entire roof system to support the role of the main roof (that is, the aluminum magnesium manganese panel directly buckle in the T-type bearing, and then the bite machine can be tight.) It is more than ordinary roof installation more scientific, waterproof Better results.

T-type bearing installation: it is directly fixed by the screw on the purlins, fixed in the fixed time should be sure that the purlin with the vertical, between the bearing and the bearing to ensure parallel. Aluminum alloy bearing installation distance is the choice of aluminum and magnesium alloy alloy roof width (such as yx65-430 type aluminum magnesium manganese plate bearing spacing should be 430mm. Up and down spacing of 1000mm ~ 1500mm, the design standard of 1200mm .) The system uses the upright latches to secure the press plate. This fixed method is a floating design concept, that is, the roof can be free on the fixed bearing sliding, completely eliminate the impact of thermal expansion and contraction of metal. At the same time this fixed way so that the whole system does not have a penetrating roof of the screws, so that the roof waterproof, wind, corrosion resistance.

The difference between high and vertical edges in aluminum - magnesium - manganese - plate material

Aluminum and magnesium manganese plate is divided into high vertical and low side of the two (the floor and the floor is divided into openings, closed is the same reason), high vertical and low side only some of the industry, Respectively, 65mm and 25mm, commonly used models for the 400 and 430 type. In the modern building, the use of these two kinds of aluminum magnesium alloy plate is also very wide, the following talk about the main difference between the two.

First, the waterproof: high in the waterproof side of the high-side aluminum and magnesium manganese plate has an advantage, which is due to the high ribs decided, high side of the joint rain is not easy to penetrate into the rain.

Second, the beautiful degree: from the outside, after the completion of the low side of the aluminum magnesium manganese plate than the high side of the more beautiful.

Third, use: Under normal circumstances, the use of the two are the same, are used for roofing, but in the absence of special requirements, the low side of the aluminum magnesium masonry panels for private villas more, and high side Aluminum magnesium manganese board for more stadiums.

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