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Construction Scheme and Technical Measures of Fluorocarbon Coated Aluminum - Manganese - manganese Roof

2017-09-26 15:29


First, the process

Roofing line positioning → main purlin board installation → main purlin installation → sub-purlin board installation → sub-purlin installation → aluminum alloy T-shaped fixed seat installation → lightning protection installation → 200mm thick glass wool insulation layer installation → aluminum magnesium alloy roof → flooding and roofing side of the construction → Gutter cornice → roof sunroof and other processing → acceptance.

Second, the operation points

Roofing line positioning clear roof system construction boundary, according to the design drawings for roof boundary size positioning, and reference to the roof side of the node to determine the actual laying of the roof area, the roof layout laying line. Establish a measurement datum on the roof. Using the theodolite to measure the size error between the control ball nodes on the roof, find out the key position of the purlin adjustment and determine the maximum adjustment height of the purlin.

1, the main purlin board installation

The main purlin is the basis of the connection between the grid ball node and the roof system, and is the main component to adjust the installation error of the grid. The height of the main purlin pallet is determined by the measurement data obtained when the roof is laid off. So as to ensure that the roof purlin has enough room to adjust. The purlin and ball node brackets are welded by means of welding, and the welding points are polished during welding, and the protective coatings are not damaged during the welding process.

2, the main purlin installation

Purlins according to the roof with a horizontal or vertical arrangement in place, the main purlins and purlin with welding connection, should be checked before welding is installed on the top of the purlins with the installation of the adjacent purlin top flush, such as uneven should be adjusted, Adjacent purlin top height difference in 3 ~ 5mm or less. Gutter parts of the purlin section and the direction of placement should pay attention to distinguish between to prevent the installation error. For each node to install purlin correction, the timely installation of the rod and purlins support, so that the formation of a stable purlin structure system.

3, the second purlin board installation

The role of the floor to support the insulation cotton, while the use as a ceiling layer. All galvanized steel floor panels require neatly arranged screws, the bottom plate with screws connected to the main purlins.

4, sub-purlins installed

The purlins and the main purlins are connected by connecting plates, and the upper surface of the primary purlins is kept on the same level.

5, fixed seat installation

Using the theodolite to draw the axis to the purlins, as the aluminum alloy T-shaped fixed seat installed longitudinal control line. The position of the aluminum alloy holder in the longitudinal direction of the plate as long as the center of the purlins is guaranteed, the number of aluminum retainers according to the drawings design requirements. Aluminum alloy fixed seat with a tapping screw fixed, aligned with its installation position, and then into a self-tapping screw, then aluminum alloy seat position will be a little offset, you must re-check its location, The other side of the tapping screws. With the electric screw gun fixed tapping screws, requiring self-tapping screws elastic moderate, does not appear skewed, the installation of aluminum alloy seat, the bottom of the insulation pad must be installed at the same time. With a long way to check each column of aluminum alloy fixed seat in a straight line, if any deviation in time to correct.

6, lightning line installation

Aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy roof under the roof of the flame-retardant glass wool, roof thickness of 0.9mm. According to the national "Building Lightning Protection Design Code" (GB50057) regulations, fully in line with the use of roof as a flash pole. There is no need to lay out lightning protection or lightning protection on the roof. In the installation of aluminum alloy fixed seat, must be designed according to the requirements of some aluminum alloy fixed seat pads to remove, to achieve the requirements of lightning.

7, the installation of insulation layer

Insulation layer with 150mm thick ultra-fine centrifugal glass wool. Glass wool is tiled on the floor. When you encounter T-type aluminum alloy fixed seat need to cut a 65mm insulation cotton hole, through the fixed seat. Insulation construction must be in clear weather, rainy days can not be construction. At the same time the roof panel laying and insulation layer laying synchronization to ensure that the number of insulation glass wool to lay the number of roof panels.

8, aluminum and magnesium manganese plate installation method

Move the plate to the mounting position, first align the plate end control line, and then press the side (ribs) into the front panel (ribs) of the previous plate. Installation time to four to six groups, each group sent someone to install the positioning point, with a waterproof rivets fixed end to ensure that the roof in the thermal expansion and contraction to the direction of the gutter slide. Specific construction time, through the small plate and the corner of the corner of the hole drilling a hole in order to install waterproof rivets, rivets long llmm ~ 12mm, rivet head is covered by the next plate. After the panel has been adjusted, install the foam seal under the end panel and then lock it. When the board is installed, the operator must be located on the side of the fixed side of the lock, and the board should be kept in a direction in the cornice, leaving the excess part of the board in the gutter part and cutting again. It is more appropriate to use a hand-held circular saw with a hard metal saw blade with a tooth cover of 9mm ~ 20mm. Use a straight line to guide the cutting direction of the saw to ensure that the trimmed edges are aligned. After cutting, you can install the cornice foam seal and drip film. Once the drip film is installed, the trough is bent.

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