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The Use Of Stainless Steel Pipe Tempering

2022-08-26 14:17

The purpose of tempering metal products is different, and the purpose of tempering stainless steel pipe is to convert quenched martensite into tempered martensite, eliminate austenite in the pipe, and reduce the internal stress in the stainless steel pipe. Reduce or eliminate, so as to obtain high hardness, wear resistance and better red hardness, etc., stabilize size and improve mechanical properties, so that it can meet more work needs. Regarding the purpose of tempering stainless steel pipes that you are interested in, Hongguan stainless steel product pipe manufacturers organize the following related knowledge for you, such as tempering temperature 540~570℃, and need to keep warm in salt bath for 1~1.5h and other related knowledge. Friends in need can learn from it.

Due to the precipitation of finely dispersed W, Mo and V carbides in the martensite during tempering of stainless steel, the retained austenite is transformed into martensite during the III fire, so it has a secondary hardening phenomenon and should be tempered three times.

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