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What are the methods of stainless steel elbow processing

2022-08-26 14:18

1. Rolling method: The mandrel is generally not required when the stainless steel pipe is bent, and it is suitable for the inner round edge of the thick-walled stainless steel pipe.

2. Roller method: Place the mandrel in the stainless steel tube and push the outside with the roller at the same time.

3. Stamping method: Use a taper mandrel on the punching machine to expand one end of the stainless steel tube to the required size and shape.
4. Drum expansion method: first place rubber in the stainless steel tube, and compress it with a punch to make the stainless steel tube protrude into shape; another method is to use hydraulic pressure to expand the drum, pour liquid into the stainless steel tube, and the liquid pressure can make the stainless steel tube protrude. The tube is drummed into the required shape, and this method is mostly used in the production of general bellows.

5. Direct bending forming method: There are three kinds of methods commonly used in the processing of stainless steel pipe bending, one is called stretching method, the other is called stamping method, the third is called roller method, there are 3-4 rollers, Two fixed rollers and one adjusting roller are used to adjust the fixed roller distance, and the finished stainless steel pipe fittings are bent.

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