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How to make stainless steel oval tube for stair handrail

2022-08-26 14:21

Whether it is residences, shopping malls, schools, hospitals or various public places, stainless steel pipes are used in our lives.

The stainless steel tube has the advantages of beautiful appearance, no rust, economical and practical, and the oval handrail is more comfortable and stable when being grabbed and supported by people. Careful friends should notice that many stair handrails are made of oval tubes. 

But many people don't know how this shape of pipe is made, and how is it made flat? Next, I will introduce in detail how the stainless steel handrail oval tube is made?

The raw materials need to go through: steel coil, pickling, rolling, annealing, and slitting to obtain the finished steel strip of the corresponding size. Steel coils are divided into hot-rolled and cold-rolled materials, and rolling is divided into rough rolling and finishing. For ordinary stainless steel welded pipes, hot-rolled or cold-rolled coils, rough rolling or finishing rolling can be selected as needed, and even pickling and annealing are not required.

Under the operation of professionals, the steel coil is extruded through the pipe making machine to form a round pipe, and the round pipe is formed after processing with a welding process. The round tube is then extruded and deformed through an oval die to become the final stainless steel oval tube. In addition, if the welding is not thorough enough, the stainless steel pipe will burst during the secondary extrusion deformation; if the precision of the mold is not stable enough, the produced pipe will also be deformed, so every step of the pipe making needs to be strictly controlled.

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